What are the classification of student desks by purpose

Nowadays, there are more and more types of desks for students, and desks in different schools are different. Generally, schools still use wooden desks because wood gives people a natural feeling. In universities, desks are now generally made of stainless steel. Better quality, longer service life, less prone to damage.
Selection of size for student desks and chairs: The correct height of the desks and chairs should enable people to maintain two basic perpendicularities when sitting: firstly, when their feet are flat on the ground, their thighs and calves can be basically perpendicular. At this point, the front edge of the desk drawer cannot exert pressure on the thigh plane. Secondly, when the arms naturally droop, the upper arms are basically perpendicular to the forearms, and the height of the tabletop should be in contact with the lower plane of the forearms. This can help people maintain the correct sitting and writing posture. If the height of the tables and chairs is not properly matched, it will directly affect the sitting posture of the user and be detrimental to their health. For this purpose, the height of the space under the desk top should not be less than 580 millimeters, and the width of the space should not be less than 520 millimeters. According to the survey, calculate the appropriate chair height by multiplying the child's height by 0.27, and then find a table that is approximately 33cm higher than the chair. Student desks are classified according to their material types. Currently, there are three main products available in the market: wooden desks (student desks made of miscellaneous wood or solid wood, commonly used in non urban areas); Steel plastic desks (using a combination of steel and plastic as the support for the product, while using melamine board as the panel); Rubber and plastic desks (made of rubber and plastic alloy material, mechanically molded into school desks and chairs)
Student desks are classified according to their purpose. Currently, flat desks are commonly used in primary and secondary schools, while in universities, there are also tiered desks, reading room desks, etc; Of course, the desks in primary and secondary schools are currently divided into adjustable desks and fixed desks. The desks and chairs of Chinese students generally follow the development trajectory of Western school desks and chairs. The U-shaped seating diagram is easy for teachers to see during class and facilitates communication between teachers and students. There are many empty spaces in the middle of the classroom, providing students with sufficient space, which is conducive to the flexible development of group activities. Nowadays, children are in the stage of growing their bodies, and an important characteristic of desks and chairs is to be able to grow with the children's bodies. Otherwise, the desks and chairs purchased will not be suitable in a few days, which will affect the children's vision, physical development, and ultimately academic performance. Then there is the fact that children are currently in a stage of intellectual growth, and they really like some cartoon things. A cartoon desk and chair that children like can effectively stimulate their interest in learning. So the cartoon model student desk is also a parameter you have chosen.

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