Configuration Requirements for Teaching Equipment in Chongqing

The teaching instruments, teaching modes, and teaching equipment in Chongqing's teaching equipment can all bring good results to teaching and other aspects, making it easier for students to master the theoretical knowledge of learning and have a clearer and clearer understanding of the principles and structures. At the same time, this is also a good solution for students' curiosity. It can be intuitive, with its internal structure and operational actions, and safety is crucial. No safety issues, it is safe to use.
Teaching laboratory equipment is very important for students' learning, and even chairs have an impact on students' learning. Therefore, Chongqing Teaching Equipment Company reminds everyone to pay attention to the maintenance of the equipment and not ignore it because of its small function. So, how should the chairman of the laboratory be maintained? Chongqing Teaching Equipment Co., Ltd. will inform you.
The newly purchased chair needs to be wiped with a clean towel to remove any dirt and dirt on the surface, and then lightly wiped once or twice on the surface. This can form a protective film on the surface for future cleaning.
Chongqing teaching equipment should avoid scratching leather with sharp weapons. Do not let oil stains, ink, etc. come into contact with the leather chair. If there are stains on the chair, it must be cleaned with leather cleaner. If there is no leather cleaner available, it can be cleaned with a clean towel and a small amount of alcohol. Then dry with a damp towel and a protective agent.
Usually, dry and wet towels are used to wipe the towels, but a leather cleaner is required to thoroughly clean the sofa every 2-3 months.
The waterways in the laboratory are generally divided into two types: water and water. The ordinary water in the laboratory is ordinary water, distilled water, and ionized water. Therefore, water supply construction must be safe, scientific, and applicable. When taking water, materials should be selected based on specific tests, water and electricity separation, the surrounding environment of the water pipe, and the direction of the waterway. Due to the launch specifications of laboratories and the actual national conditions, there are significant differences in the laboratory or laboratory construction environment, so the launch of laboratories is generally more troublesome.
The configuration of teaching equipment in Chongqing is very important for laboratories, as the configuration of laboratories not only affects students' learning, but also relates to their life safety. Therefore, it is necessary to configure strictly according to the requirements. If you have any questions about the configuration of the laboratory, please contact Chongqing Experimental Teaching Equipment Expert in a timely manner.

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