Layout of Seats in Staircase Classrooms

The classroom is the place where teachers teach and students learn knowledge. As a basic teaching facility in the school, any equipment in the classroom is closely related to our daily learning. When it comes to staircase classrooms, we are quite familiar with them. Generally speaking, in university classrooms, we usually use the seats in staircase classrooms. Whether the chairs in the staircase classroom are comfortable to sit between and whether there is a good activity space is crucial.
The classroom is large and large, but its unique feature is that the floor gradually rises on the stairs, and the farther it is from the platform, the higher the ground. The higher the seats, the farther away the students are from the platform. The blackboard and platform can be clearly seen from behind the seats, and the students in the front row will not block it.
The layout of the seats in the staircase classroom should comply with the following regulations:
The horizontal distance between the front of the first row of classrooms and the blackboard should not be less than 2500mm, and the horizontal distance between the back row of desks and the blackboard should not exceed 18000mm.
The horizontal perspective formed by students and the blackboard should not be less than 30 degrees.
3. Seat spacing: Primary school teachers should not be less than 800mm, and middle school, junior high school, and young teachers should not be less than 850mm.
4. Channel width: The width of longitudinal and transverse sidewalks should not be less than 900mm; When both longitudinal and longitudinal channels are set up, the width of the longitudinal sidewalk on the wall should not be less than 550mm.
5. The width of the seat should not be less than 450-500 mm.
The desks and chairs in the classroom should be fixed, and the chairs should be used on the chairs.
7. Valve seat plate: Multi layer plate hot pressed to mold, with a surface pressed mountain hair color fireproof plate, with a thickness of 16mm. After painting or PU sealing, it is sturdy and durable, and does not fade.
8. Steel pipe 80 × forty × The 20mm thick steel beam is stamped and welded, and the surface is treated with grinding, acid washing, phosphating, and high-temperature electrostatic spraying, thickening and strengthening, making it durable.

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