Design Principles of Furniture for Student Apartments

People oriented, that is, any humanized product is designed to meet people's needs. Similarly, the design of furniture for student apartments should also be based on the needs of users. The student apartment furniture based on human factors engineering refers to the design and manufacturing of student apartment furniture based on the physiological and psychological needs of users, considering aesthetics, and providing a detailed demonstration of the "human furniture environment" system and many cultural factors.
The furniture of student apartments mainly refers to steel integrated beds, which are a combination of furniture including beds, bookshelves, desks, and drawers. The surface of the bed frame is coated with electrostatic epoxy powder. The thickness is 70-80 meters, the film thickness is uniform, the surface is smooth and smooth, and the color is uniform. Glossiness greater than 65. Chair size: 400mm * 400mm; Backrest specification 300mm × 200mm; The material is a mixed wood polyether adhesive, hydraulically formed multi-layer board with a thickness of 16mm. The height of the backrest is 200 millimeters, and the seat height of the chair is 430 millimeters. 3mm for riser × 32 mm round steel pipe with a wall thickness of 1.3 mm, and 32 mm for the seat surface bracket and backrest × 32 mm circular steel pipe with a wall thickness of 1.3mm, welded and sandblasted for rust removal on the steel surface. Electrostatic spraying, connected with special screws, embedded nuts, and PP anti-theft cover, with PP engineering plastic for the head and foot pads. Injection molding, with a 32mm round foot cover for the foot pad and special self tapping screw reinforcement. Must be durable, safe, and reasonable. According to the height of the data: under personal limitations, a person's perspective can reach its limit; The area between 45 degrees and 60 degrees is the main range of human reading and writing, as well as keyboard operation; 35 degrees. The maximum viewing angle can be achieved through eye rotation; Display is used between 0 and 35 degrees. Good area. In addition, according to relevant data, the ideal distance for adults is 305-460mm, the minimum reading distance is 406mm, and the ideal distance for fixed displays is 457-610mm. In sitting posture, the height of the table is also related to the arm movements in the sitting posture. For example, when people read and write, the height of the table in the basic arm is 10 to 15 degrees. When operating the keyboard, the height of the desktop is basically the same as the height of the sitting posture.
Students' apartment furniture uses the basic principles of physiology, anthropometry, psychology, biomechanics and other related disciplines to study the characteristics of the human body and the characteristics of sports ability, and collect the size, weight, surface area, gravity and gravity of each part of the human body. The interaction and interaction between various parts of the body during activity. We studied the dynamic parameters, changes in motion speed, frequency, and surgical inertia of the limbs, studied the visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory, and functional characteristics of the limbs, and analyzed the changes in limb function and consumption. Physical labor, fatigue level, adaptability to workload, and the shadow of the staff. Psychological factors. Ergonomics provides a comprehensive consideration of "human factors" for the design discipline, providing both physiological and psychological characteristics of humans.

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Design Principles of Furniture for Student Apartments

People oriented, that is, any humanized product is designed to meet people's needs. Similarly, the design of furniture for student apartments should also be based on the needs of users.

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