How to choose a dining table in the cafeteria

The dining table in the cafeteria of various schools and enterprises is a common type of dining furniture, and the material of the dining table is not single, such as stainless steel, marble, etc., all have their own purposes. Of course, when choosing, the size of the dining table is very important, and an appropriate size will be more conducive to the dining experience of consumers.
The size of the dining table in the cafeteria is a key factor determining the practicality and comfort of the dining table and chairs, especially the height of the dining table and chairs. This includes the height of the dining table, the height of the dining chairs, and the height difference between the two. The height of restaurant chairs should be moderate, not only facilitating the extension of human legs, but also suitable for stepping on the ground; The height of the dining table and stool should be convenient for guests to eat, generally slightly higher than the height of the alley. Subtract the length of the neck and upper arm from the human seat.
The price of the dining table in the cafeteria is very low. This is a common phenomenon in the table and chair market, and even many well-known restaurant table and chair brands are vulgar. A product is usually priced at more than twice the falsely labeled price, with a limited time discount of 5% and 6%. Consumers must pay a price for this phenomenon, which is a natural opportunity that cannot be missed. In fact, the actual selling price of the product may be much higher than the normal price. As for the so-called limited time discount, there is no such thing as a three day limited time discount. A week later, the purchase discount remains the same, or just a different name to continue the discount. This false high and low price promotion is very popular in the market, and almost all small restaurant table and chair brands set this price trap, which has been widely criticized.
The stainless steel dining table is a combination of cutting saws, decorative edge seals, and component assemblies used in the production of stainless steel plates. The appearance quality of stainless steel tables and chairs mainly depends on the quality of their saw blades, cutting edges, surface decoration quality, and board edge quality. The flatness, verticality, and angle of the board are all necessary for quality control of sawing. Generally speaking, the cutting process of a board saw is within 0.01mm per meter to meet the accuracy requirements of the board after cutting. The edge contour is flat, the angle is good, and there will be no tilting of the board after making furniture.
When choosing a table or chair, the following points should be noted: the length of the table is usually determined by the width of the shoulders and the psychological size required for people to get along. Students have a relatively fixed age, small span, and relatively small shoulder width. The average shoulder width of a person is between 320 and 340 millimeters, combined with psychological correction in public spaces and the range of arm movement during meals, which is usually the width of the desktop. The table in the school cafeteria is arranged side by side for two people, so the length of the table should be between 990 and 1410 millimeters, which meets the standard.
The key to choosing a dining table in a cafeteria is quality. On the one hand, the design conforms to ergonomic principles, and it is best to sit comfortably on the dining chair as much as possible, with the arms resting naturally on the table. It depends on the firmness of the tables and chairs, especially the dining chairs. Due to frequent use, attention should be paid to the material and splicing method of the chairs. Generally speaking, traditional tenon and tenon structures have stronger reasons. Then use elm, beech, and other wooden chairs to make them more sturdy. In addition to feeling that the chair will not shake or become unstable, it is also judged by checking the legs of the chair for scars and crack repair marks. The legs and maple components of the dining chair cannot be used together with the scars and cracks on the material, otherwise it will seriously affect its service life.

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